Auburn Football Tickets

Q: Where is the best place to buy Auburn Football tickets?

A: Depends on what you’re looking for.  For the absolute cheapest ticket, just wait outside the stadium with cash and play “kickoff chicken.”  If you want the best tickets for every game, you’ll need to get a time machine and start making donations to Tigers Unlimited 20 years ago.

Fortunately, there’s another option!  Auburn Ticket Service gets GREAT tickets from a variety of sources.  Some are long-time donors who simply won’t be using all (or any) of their tickets for that game, e.g. if not all of their family members are able to make it into town.  For even more variety, by going through you can get advance access to tickets from the entire national broker inventory (the same tickets that are listed on stubhub and other ticket sites, all drawing from a central network).

If you’re waiting until last minute, the week before each Auburn football game, ATS receives a selection of tickets from the national broker network – tickets that didn’t sell in advance.  These are tickets you can count on not to be counterfeit or double sold.*

Q: Where should we sit?

A: Jordan-Hare Stadium has an excellent design, making almost any seat in the house a great place to watch the game.  But here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • In the lower bowl, the lowest rows (closest to the field) actually don’t have the best view.  Because you are so low to the sideline, it is difficult to see across the field, so you may miss quite a bit of the action – or end up watching the video board.  The new HD video board is awesome – but you don’t want to pay top dollar for a lower bowl seat and end up watching a screen all day!  Stay between rows 15-54 for the best views.
  • Think about sun & shade.  For early games, the sun will start off behind you on the East side.  For later games, the sun will finish behind you on the West side.  The Upper Deck East gets some AUsome panoramic sunset views!
  • Some ticket sites call the West side the “Home” side and the East side the “Visitor” side.  This indicates which team will be on the sideline, but not which fans will be where.  Visiting team seating is in a small portion of the Northeast corner of the lower bowl, and a small portion of the northernmost Upper East deck.  However, visiting team fans can buy tickets from many retailers, or receive them from friends, and you will probably see a few visiting team fans in just about every zone.
  • Student seating takes up a large portion of the South and East lower bowl, but is segregated from the rest of the stadium.  Students can enter through the student section and leave to join their family members in the rest of the stadium, but cannot return.

Q: OK, but what are the best seats in the house?

A: Without a doubt, Club and Scholarship seats are an AUsome experience!  Not only do you have a great view of the game, tons of free food and drinks, and comfortable seats, you will also be next to some of Auburn’s greatest fans!  Seats in these sections go to long-time supporters of AU football, so if you are ever invited to sit in Club or Scholarship seats, it’s a worthwhile opportunity.  You never know when a former AU player may sit down next to you, or you’ll strike up a conversation with some of Auburn’s most distinguished alumni.

Aside from that, the first few rows in the Upper Deck have a great view – it’s high up, but still feels close.  In the lower bowl, sections 3-9 on the West side, or 29-31 on the East side, row 15 and above are great seats.

Q: Can I buy tickets from the University Ticket Office?

A: Generally, no.  Season ticket holders renew their seats each year or get an opportunity to move to different seats.  After that process is complete, season ticket holders get the opportunity to buy all of the remaining seats for the season (which cannot be renewed for following years).  That means very few tickets ever go on sale to the public.  Those that do are usually the result of a visiting team not taking their full allotment.  Close to the beginning of the season, it has sometimes been possible to buy multi-game packages for the smaller games (where visiting fans will be fewer than the big games).

Recently, Auburn University created a system where fans can sign up to be notified when these tickets are returned to Auburn – usually just a couple of days before the game.  The tickets available from this system are unpredictable and may not be together, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on to see if any come available.



*What are double-sold tickets?  Real paper tickets can be converted to electronic tickets to be printed out or used electronically.  This invalidates the barcode on the original paper ticket, making it worthless.  Some unscrupulous sellers have sold multiple copies, or used the electronic copy and resold the worthless paper ticket.  All ATS inventory comes from known, trusted sources to completely protect buyers from any such issues.


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